Fabulous Kababs, and buy-1-get-1-Shawarmas. Perfect? maybe not… a #baconbaba story

As I stepped into the newly opened kabab specialty restaurant, Pashah – The Mughal Bistro , tucked away between the bustling lanes of North Main and South Main Road, Koregaon Park, I was immediately drawn towards the tandoor, the shawarma rotisserie and the rows of tangdi kababs hanging on the wall.



This sight was enough to whet our appetites, as we dug into the chicken shawarmas laid out for us. While the wraps were soft, I didn’t quite enjoy the sauce used inside. The hummus served with Pita bread along side was quite good, balancing out the average shawarma. They do have a buy-1-get-1 free offer on the shawarmas, so you will get 2 shawarmas for INR 100/-, making it an excellent deal.


The Falafels that followed were delicious, crunchy and and paired beautifully with the tahini sauce served alongside. Arguably one of the best in Pune

The kababs rained down upon us. The Mutton Sheek Kabab was absolutely superb – soft, gently spiced, with the velvety melt in the mouth texture to it.

pashah baconbaba kabab sheekh kabab

The Makrana Kababs had that lovely layer of cream, making the tangdis moist and delicious. The Nizami tikkas had a bit of heat to it, rounding off a great appetizer menu.

pashah baconbaba kabab makrana
Makrana Kabab
pashah baconbaba kabab nizami tikka
Nizami Tikka

As we moved onto the main course, we were welcomed with the glorious sight of the Nalli Nihari. While it looked absolutely spectacular, the taste was rather underwhelming – frankly it lacked seasoning, spice, or any other flavor to speak of.

pashah baconbaba kabab nalli nihari

The Dal Makhani feel on the other end of the spectrum – loaded with salt. Had Mahatma Gandhi tasted this dal, he wouldn’t have had to march to Dandi – he would have found all the salt he needed, right here.

pashah baconbaba kabab dal makhani

The Rogan Josh and the Murg Lahori, much like the previous dishes, lacked any oomph.

pashah baconbaba kabab rogan josh

pashah baconbaba kabab murg lahori

Desserts were another up-and-down affair. While the Gulab Jamun was overly sweet, the Gajar ka Halwa was like a warm hug. It did look a bit too much like the POTUS’ skin tone – a tad too much orange color maybe? Either ways, it tasted good, bringing this meal to a sweet end.

pashah baconbaba kabab gulab jamunpashah baconbaba kabab gajar ka halwa

We ended up having some Irani chai as well. The open air space is a good place to enjoy chai and ‘fresh-air’ if you so desire.

Overall, the restaurant is still finding its feet. The Kababs are spectacular, but the mains need some serious work. That being said, there is scope for improvement, and the flavors of the starters are but a sign of the chef’s prowess.


I was invited for a complimentary food tasting, as part of a bloggers’ table. The Usual Disclaimer applies.

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Get high on Whisky-Dal-Makhani, Drunken-Roulette and Brandy Prawns!

Nestled into the corner of Regent Plaza on the corner of Baner-Pashan link road is 45 Westwhich sports a rather innocuous looking entry.  But as you enter, you see a huge open space with 2 pool tables down the center, flat screen TVs flanking the walls, and lines of warm wooden seats.


The upstairs section boasts of a superb party room, complete with disco lighting, a high-def sound system, and its own dedicated bar, dishing out some kickass cocktails


The food here is par excellence. A brainchild of the chef behind the erstwhile Zicomo, the menu sports some rather eclectic dishes.

We started off with The Bacon Burger. Grilled chicken patty, crispy bacon, Swiss Emmenthal cheese, grilled onions, mushrooms and their signature sauce – this is quite a delight to eat. Sadly, the chicken was a tad dry, but the bacon, cheese and onions made up for it. Its delightful to see how bacon can uplift most any dish 🙂


We moved on to the Cheese Burst Kababs. Yes, these are as awesome as they sound! Rolls of delicately flavored chicken tikka, stuffed with oozing melting cheese. Best eaten when hot, the flavors of the tikka married perfectly with the cheese.


Order this with a glass of beer, and you are sorted!IMG_20171106_141642

We moved on to the Murgh Dum Kabab – these lightly flavored kababs were cooked in a clay handi, dum-style, resulting in juicy, flavorful, melt-in-the-mouth bits of awesomeness!


The sauce served alongside is a middle-eastern inspired yogurt based sauce, with a hint of garlic, We ended up licking the bowl of sauce as well!


Next was the dish I was eagerly waiting for – the Prawns in Burnt Chili Garlic & Brandy Sauce. The name it self contains everything I love! The sauce was absolutely spectacular – bitter-sweet flavors from the brandy, light umami heat from the burnt chilies and garlic, but still mild enough to not overpower the flavor of the prawns. Definitely my favorite dish on their menu.


With the amount of food already consumed, we couldn’t fathom any more. But the Dal Makhani piqued my interest, particularly since it was flambed with Jack Daniels whisky! Never having tasted a “boozy” dal makhani, I was so curious to taste this. And it didn’t disappoint. Sporting classic flavors of a dal makhani (a bit strong on cardamom) the whisky left a lovely sweet aroma of Bourbon.


Couldn’t resist the Bhatti da Murgh either. 45 West’s version of butter chicken, this wasn’t as sweet as most of what passes as butter chicken in the city. It had a nice after-burn of garam masala. But here again, the chef gave a flambe of Rum! The Old Monk gives a nice twist to a classic dish. Perfectly coked chicken tangdi, delicious gravy, and a hit of rum – bliss!


Overall, this is an amazing spot, tucked away in the folds of this ever-growing street. Cheap beer (loads of offers on at any given time), great food, brilliant ambiance – this is one spot to be at with your friends. Like the wall says – Play – Sip – Chill!


I was invited for a complimentary food tasting, courtesy Radio One. The Usual Disclaimer applies.


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Experience modern European cuisine at Krustys Bistro, Kharadi


Do you get excited about toast? Well, start your meal off with the Trio of Bruschetta, and you will! Roasted Beet Mousse with black olives, Herbed Cream Cheese with homemade onion compote, and Cream spinach with confit tomatoes – this is one vegetarian start to the meal that’ll get your appetite buzzing!

Trio of Bruschetta


Move on to the Bacon and Cheddar Cheese Croquettes, and you are in cheesy crunchy heaven. Oozy cheese, crunchy crust, and bacon – doesn’t get better. Pair it with a craft beer, and you are sorted!


And while you are at it, grab a plate of Seared Kaffir Lime and Lemongrass Prawns – the delicate flavors of the kaffir lime and lemongrass blend beautifully, making this a lovely palate cleanser for your next course…


…which is the absolutely brilliant Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli! One of the best ravioli dishes I have tasted in Pune – the pasta is silky thin, and the tart from the ricotta and sundried tomatoes parry the flavors of the subtle wine butter sauce beautiffuly. The crunch from the almonds gives the dish some much needed texture – all in all, a great pasta dish.



And just when you though I was going overboard with the vegetarian courses, fear not – the Thyme and Balsamic Lamb Chops are a carnivores’ dream. The sweet – sour sauce, made from Balsamic and honey create a great base for the meat and accompanying veggies and pomme puree (mashed potatoes, for those of us who speak english). I wish the lamb were a little less chewy.



#baconbaba loves his bacon! And to satisfy those cravings, we have the Bacon Wrapped Chicken Roulade. Bacon wrapped smoked chicken pate with red wine jus, roasted onions, herb mashed potatoes, carrot puree and sauteed mushrooms. Every part of this dish was absolutely perfect. What I loved was the golden sunrise of the carrot puree – brings a smile to your face.


Ending the meal with the Belgian Chocolate Cheesecake – the name itself lead us to order this dish. Made from 70% Dark Belgian Chocolate – this is the perfect bitter-sweet ending to a spectacular meal.


I was invited for a complimentary food tasting. The Usual Disclaimer applies.

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Pune’s favorite craft beer – now pouring at Kharadi!

Ok, I’ll admit its been over 3 months but it is still exciting! Effingut is open at Kharadi! Right in the midst of the bustling IT hub of World Trade Center, Kharadi, Effy takes the same magic to that part of the city.






Start off your meal with the Crispy Chicken Bites – munch through a couple of bowls of these little bites of heaven, served with a piri piri sauce. Pair it with a pitcher of beer, and you are sorted!


The Loaded BBQ Potatoes – crisp finger chips drowned in their in-house BBQ sauce with molten cheese – crispy, oozy, cheesy goodness


Chicken Spring Rolls served with a hot garlic dip make for perfect accompaniments to the much-awarded Hefeweizen.


The Thecha Chicken Roll is one of the new additions to the menu at Effy-K. Inspired from their famous Thecha Chicken kabab, these rolls contain chicken marinated in some fiery green thecha. Quite delicious. Conveniently portable. The Mexican Veg with Cajun marinated cottage cheese with bell peppers and onions is also a decent veg option


Threaded Cottage Cheese, marinated in Oriental spices and finished in crispy threaded casing. Another spectacular veg option. Can’t really go wrong with fried cheese.


I love prawns – and the Golden Fried Prawns served with sambal sauce here at Effingut are superb. Perfectly cooked and fried prawns and the fiery sambal.



The Quattro Formaggio topped with orange cheddar, parmesan, scamorza and mozzarella was a perfect companion to their light beers


The Pulled Pork and Bacon pizza is love at first sight. Generous amounts of bacon, and the sweet and salty pulled pork lead to such an orgasm in the mouth – this is the epitome of great pizzas!


End the meal with the Hazelnut Cheese Cake – arguably one of the best in town!


I was invited for a complimentary food tasting. The Usual Disclaimer applies.

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Craving for KhowSuey? Asian Box is the place to be!

KhowSuey is a dish of Burmese origins, taking Pune by storm this past few years. Joining the KhowSuey Train, is Baner’s latest Far East Asian specialty restaurant, The Asian Box.


The KhowSuey at The Asian Box is one of the best of the several versions available in Pune. Thick creamy broth, rich coconut milk flavor, distinct flavors of ginger, garlic and a light hit of chilly. Served with noodles, and an array of condiments, this broth is like a warm steaming hug.

I personally would have liked for a few more condiments – would have loved to see fried onions, boiled eggs, and green chilies being added to the condiment tray. That being said, I am going back for some more of this delicious KhowSuey for sure!


But you don’t start a meal with KhowSuey – start the meal with the excellent Cheese Lumpia – crisp wafer thin outer coating, and a gooey cheesy filling – can’t possibly going wrong with this!


Also, the Mutton Kheema Samosa, while not exactly the most far-east Asian snack, is spectacular. A pleasure for carnivores.



For the health conscious, they serve Spinach Prawn Rolls – spinach wrapped prawns, steamed to perfection. The flavor of both the primary ingredients sing together in perfect harmony.


Also, the Banana Leaf Fish is another lovely, lightly spiced fish dish – the pandang leaf imparts a delicate aroma to the grilled Basa/Singara.


The Mango Chili Chicken is a dish that has a lot of potential, but needs some tweaking. With a sauce based on the Tasha and Girl Mango Chili jam, the base flavor is rather excellent. However, it definitely needs a fair bit of heat to give it the much needed ‘oomph’ rather than being a one dimensional sweet dish.


Suffering a similar fate is the Kung-Pao Chicken. Going overboard with sweet flavors, this is one dish that could use additional flavor profiles to offset the inherent sweetness of the sauce.


The bar serves some pretty good cocktails. The Lemongrass Ginger Caprioska has lovel lemongrass flavors, and packs a punch.



The Asian Box also boasts of a live sushi bar, where you sit and watch the chef deftly roll sushi and server to you. Flanking the sushi bar is a beautiful portrait of a Geisha. Definitely an experience worth having.


While I am not a sushi fan, the Ebi Tempura Ura Maki Roll definitely had me drooling. Tempura fried prawns, rolled into a sushi roll is a recipe for success! The Wasabi sauce served alongside packs a punch – proceed at your own risk!


They also have a dessert sushi roll – a Banana and Nutella Sushi. While Banana and Nutella are a match made in heaven, this was anything but heavenly. The ‘roll’ felt like a soft crepe, and lacked any texture. The whole bite felt unpleasant and entirely mushy.


The Pandan Panacotta, on the other hand, is a gem of a dessert! The delicate flavor of the pandan leaves gives the pannacotta a gentle sweet bitterness, with a distinct ‘leafy’ after-taste. This one deserves a reorder. Or three.


I am going back for the KhowSuey, the Pandan Pannacotta as well as the Spinach Prawns. The Asian Box is open daily from 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM.

A few more images of the food we tried

This write up is a combined experience of 3 visits, including a invite for a complimentary bloggers’ table. The Usual Disclaimer applies.

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Authentic Gharghuti style Maharashtrian food at Wakad, Pune!

I had been craving for some authentic Maharashtrian mutton since the day Shyam​ bhai posted about his weekend gorging session. So the moment Rajdeep Dalvi​ called me to invite me to his newly opened restaurant Dakkhan Spice at Wakad, I jumped at the opportunity.


The restaurant itself is a humble little place. Clean and well lit, the seating is basically wooden benches. The overall ambiance is simple and very homely, much like the food.


We started off with Surmai Fry (250/-). The fish was fresh as ever, and was lightly coated with a crisp layer of masala. Even my 3 yo daughter Pihu freaked out on this.

Surmai Fry

The Prawns Masala (180/-) was a mind blowing dish. Our collective reaction was “WOW”. The onion-garlic based masala was perfectly balanced, felt like something we would happily cook and serve at home. This was deserved to be re-ordered.

Prawns Masala

I ordered the Mutton Thali (325/-) – and the mutton masala was spectacular. Again, non-spicy, but beautifully balanced flavors. the mutton was cooked so tender, I ended up ordering another plate of the same. The rassa served with the thali had a good hit of spice for the burn-chasers out there.


We ended with Milk Pudding, aka Kharvas. They lightly flavored the kharavasache milk with saffron and cinnamon, giving the delicious dessert a lovely twist.


The food at Dakkhan Spice is cooked by Mrs Dalvi, and she brings her Kolhapuri roots to the plate. Overall, the food, unlike popular belief, is not burn-your-mouth spicy, but instead, extremely balanced, with freshly ground, slow roasted spices, balanced by hints of sweetness. Gharghuti style food does not get better!

Loved it!


I was invited for a complimentary food tasting. The Usual Disclaimer applies.

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OktoberFest at Classic Rock Coffee Co. India , Baner

Last Friday #TheBTeam was #invited to check out the ongoing OktoberFest at Classic Rock Coffee Co. (CRCC), Baner. This place has been creating quite the buzz, as they have successfully replicated the model from the long running Kalyani-Nagar branch.
While the feel of this hip place is substantially different from the super chill vibes of the older sibling, they have a pretty damn good setup here. Full with Rock n Roll memorabilia and a kick ass DJ, the mood here is always party time!
Coming back to the Oktoberfest, the menu curated for this isn’t really very Oktoberfest-y. I was expecting some super craft beers paired with Brockwurst, or currywurst or all those other -wursty delicacies, along with some schnitzels or sauerkraut, and ending with an Apple Strudel!
But, alas, that was not to be. We were presented with a beer menu with familiar names – White Owl, Bira, KF with some premium brands like Howgarden, Kronenburg, Stella and Corona (yes, Corona is premium – it’s expensive!). The only plus point here is the offers on the pitchers. Expect some good deals on the 1.5 liter pitchers, and the bucket of 10 pints.
The curated food menu had a couple of interesting standouts.
The Bacon Wrapped Chicken was my personal favorite (duh, hello #baconbaba!) – with the decadent bacon enveloping some gorgeous minced spicy chicken, fried together, creating quite an amazing bro-mance!
The California Prawns were literally a standout dishes – Beer battered deep fried skewered prawns – really difficult to mess those up!
Among the veg starters, the Corn cheese balls in all their oozy cheese crunchy glory, deserved a re-order, while the Jalapeno poppers were a bit of a let down.
The star attraction, or so they would have you believe by their promo video, was the Roast Chicken. A whole chicken (I kid you not – check out the photo below!), marinated in ‘chef’s special spices’ stuffed with chicken sausages, mushrooms, green peas, american corn, and rice, roasted in the oven, served with a butter vegetable and red wine sauce.
The chicken? Perfectly roasted, down to the bone.
The red wine jus? Silky consistency, lip smacking, perfect to drench the chicken.
The stuffing? That’s the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s (or the chicken’s?) back. The rice was grossly overcooked, and with the ‘secret spices’ created a weird khichdi like consistency that was entirely avoidable. We just pushed the stuffing to one side and continued gorging on the chicken.
The desserts, while not quintessentially German, were spectacular. The Old Monk Chocolate Mousse was silky, boozy and absolutely mind blowing. The Baked New York Cheese cake was yummy to the limit. And the chocolate tart, while a little too cold and slightly hard, was much like a gooey chocolate eclair. Do not leave without pigging out on the desserts!
The Oktoberfest is on at CRCC Baner till Sunday, 01-October. Do check it out if you are in the area!

PS: I was invited as part of a blogger’s table. The Usual Disclaimer applies.

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Arthur’s Theme – Cryptic Names, Delicious Food!

Arthur’s theme has been the epitome of European themed food in Pune for over 10 years now. Last month they launched a few super interesting new items, with even more cryptic names. Here’s a quick look. IMG_20170722_151154

York: skewered, grilled prawns served with mustard mayo. Perfectly grilled prawns, with mayo – can’t go wrong there.


Sancho: Grilled calamari with herbs. The calamari were not fresh, and the dish was overall bland


Constantine : Breaded roll made with hammered piece of chicken, chicken ham and smoked cheese. Definitely one of my favorite items from the menu. Crisp outer breaded coating, soft chicken, and gooey cheese. Served with a spicy sriracha sauce, this is absolutely fantastic!


Philip: A Cheesy creamy Quinoa risotto with mushrooms and bell peppers. Well cooked quinoa, delicious cream sauce, an excellent option for vegetarians


Angela: Perfectly cooked vegetarian lasagna.


Julien: Another delicious vegetarian dish – this was a crisp wafer like crepe stuffed with mushrooms, topped with mushroom sauce, served over a bed of mashed potatoes. The crisp crepe added the much needed texture and bite to this dish. The mushroom sauce, buttery stuffed mushrooms and mashed potatoes were perfectly seasoned, and went beautifully together.


Benedict: This herb crusted fish fillet served sriracha sauce and steamed vegetables failed to impress despite the Parmesan coating, mostly due to being dry and overcooked.


Stuart: On paper, Stuart looks perfect – Chicken ham and cheese stuffed in a chicken breast, topped with a spicy sauce served with rice. Sadly, another dry, overcooked piece of meat, and another disappointment.


Stephen: This was my favorite non-vegetarian dish among the new entries in the menu. Julienne carabeef, bell peppers, sauteed in garlic oil, in a mushroom and red wine sauce, served with rice. Red wine, mushrooms and beef are a match made in heaven, and the flavors were absolutely perfect. Hint of parsley added a nice dimension to the overall dish.



We ended the meal with the Affogato: a shot of arabice espresso served with scoop of vanilla ice-cream and brownie crumble brownie. The hot espresso with the ice cream tasted absolutely heavenly – so much so, tat I actually ended up ordering a shot of espresso, just to enjoy the lovely brew they serve at Arthur’s.



Some of the other new items on the menu we tried out were: Atlas, black olive mash  and mushrooms paste on crisp toasties, Penda, chicken tenders cooked with bourbon whisky and Ronald, bbq chicken wings


We sampled some of the new pizzas, as well as Paul, crepe stuffed with gouda


Ending the meal with some theatrics, was the Dark chocolate ball.

With the food, we also tried a new beer at Arthur’s, the 1664 Blanc Beer. This is a light (4.5% ABV) and smooth Belgian witbier style, brewed in Alsace, France. It pours a fine yellow liquid with a little foamy head. Strong citrus flavor – Lime / Lemon rind taste is fragrant and obvious, with some subtle spicy notes. It goes down easy. Very summery, very enjoyable.


As always, this was a very enjoyable meal at Arthur’s Theme. One of my personal favorite places in Pune.

I was part of blogger’s table. The Usual Disclaimer applies.


Grills & Muse

A couple of weeks back I visited Grills and Muse – Alakesh Baruah’s newest brain child.

Situated right next to Flying Duck at Baner-Pashan Link Road, Grills and Muse is Alakesh’s take on North Indian cuisine.

We started off the meal with the Mirchi Malai Kabab. It tastes a lot like the popular Reshmi Kabab but the chopped green chili gives a beautiful light after-burn, leaving you salivating for more.

Mirchi Malai Kabab

The Chicken Butter Wings Tandoori is a lovely take on the Tandoori chicken. Coated with a glossy butter glaze, the tandoori chicken takes on a beautiful buttery flavor, giving it an almost baked-goods flavor.

Chicken Butter Wings Tandoori

I also tried the Quail Biryani. While the biryani rice and and salan accompaniment is delicious, the quail it self was slightly overcooked (probably due to the dum process). I would love to try out their mutton biryani, which, going by the flavor of biryani and the next dish i am going to speak about, should be spectacular.

(PS: Just noticed that the Quail biryani is now off the menu – speaks volumes of how the restaurant evolves)

Quail Biryani

Lamb Shank – This is a “must have” dish at Grill and Muse. The meat was so beautifully cooked, that it fell off the bone as I tried to pick it up. Delicious thick dark brown gravy, chock full of garam masalas, this is what North Indian cooking is all about.

Lamb Shank
Lamb Shank

While it is a polar opposite of the cuisine served at Flying Duck, you see the same care, service and impeccable attention to detail that we have come to associate with Alakesh’s brands.

Looking forward to more from the GnM kitchens!

I was invited for a tasting. The Usual Disclaimer applies.

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On Fire!

A couple of weeks back I was at On Fire! for a lazy Sunday brunch. With the monsoons in Pune, nothing beats a lovely evening on a roof top restaurant. Cool wind, chilled out music, and a nice hot kabab on your plate. With a quirky roof top setting, Wakad’s newest star is, literally, a breath of fresh air.


We started off the meal with a Tom Kha Gai – a Thai coconut soup. while the soup had oodles of chicken, the size of the diced chicken was way smaller than the baby corn and capsicum, leading to an overload of veggies in the mouth. Good flavor of coconut with a distinct hit of red chili ensured that I drank through the entire bowl.

Tom Kha Gai
Tom Kha Gai

The Texas Hot BBQ Wings were absolutely brilliant. The dark shiny color of the barbecue sauce coating the chicken wings got us salivating, and it didn’t disappoint. Chicken wings in a sweet sticky barbecue sauce – right up there with the best in Pune. The sprinkle of chili flakes over the top left a nice little bite at the end, leaving us asking for more.

Texas Hot BBQ Wings

The Asian Noodle Salad was a surprise for me. Made with crispy noodles, fresh vegetables, loads of shredded chicken and a tomato ketchup base, it tasted a lot like the chinese bhel you get at a chinese tapri. More specifically for me, it evoked a memory of the chinese bhel at Toons, Camp. This would a great accompaniment with a glass of beer!

Asian Noodle Salad

The Kai Ni Haar, Prawns wrapped in Chicken strips: Now, I am usually a fan of prawns wrapped in pretty much anything (my favorites being the Bacon Wrapped Prawns and Sausages at Effingut Baner, and the Bacon Wrapped Prawns at Zamu’s.)

Here, the mint sauce was way too overpowering. Another pressure point in any prawns wrapped dish is the cooking of the prawns with respect to the outer coating. The prawns were almost raw, with a well cooked chicken outer. I would give this one a pass.

Kai Ni Haar – Chicken Wrapped Prawns

The Irani Tangdi Kabab is an absolute delight for tandoori lovers. Juicy chicken legs coated with a Tabasco sauce, freckled with chili flakes. A fantastic twist on a desi classic.

Irani Tangdi Kabab

By this time we were full to the brim. The only main course we could have was Mutton Rogan Josh. Soft succulent mutton in a lovely medium spicy gravy. This is comfort food in its truest sense. Dunk a bit of butter naan and you are in heaven.


We ended the meal with the fried ice-cream. If you haven’t had fried ice cream before, give this one a try. Its a scoop of ice-cream, coated with bread crumbs, and deep fried! A hot crispy outer shell coated with hot chocolate sauce, and a frozen ice-cream center is sinfully good. The two scoops were vanilla and chocolate. If possible, request the server to give you only vanilla scoops. Vanilla in the fried ice cream tastes much better than the chocolate, imho.


We did try a few other starters from the menu, including the chinese and ‘continental’ ones. My personal opinion: Stick to indian. The chef is really good at indian dishes, both. kababs and curries, and with the roof-top setting, you really cant go wrong with a desi plate of food.

Overall, its a great spot to chill with friends or enjoy a lazy Sunday brunch. What;s even better is they have a Saturday AND Sunday brunch – a buffet spread for 475/-. A complete steal.

Baconbaba is super happy!

I was invited as part of a bloggers table. The Usual Disclaimer applies.

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Kadar Khan’s Sheesha – The Dal Bukhara comes to Pune

In the words of a learned friend, the legendary Dal Bukhara at the ITC Maurya, New Delhi is like a bucket list item for every foodie worth his salt. And that is what the newly opened Sheesha at Ishanya Mall, Pune brings to the table.

A brainchild of the Ex-ITC chef Kadar Khan, inventor of the ‘original’ Dal Bukhara, one is assured to be served some truly authentic Nawabi cuisine here.


Dal Bukhara is a combination of urad dal (whole black lentils), tomatoes, ginger and garlic. Cooked and simmered over slow coal fires of the tandoor overnight for 18 hours at a stretch, the Dal Bukhara at Sheesha is simply luxurious. Dip in a butter naan into this dal, sit back, and relish the glory.

Dal Bukhara

We tried the Chicken Tangdi Kulfi – a leg of chicken drowned in a white sauce made of milk and cream, embalmed inside a foil wrapper. The chicken is cooked in the cheesy creamy goodness,  leaving behind a oozy, gooey chicken leg.

Chicken Tangdi Kulfi

A Mutton Sheek Kabab is something I can’t resist ordering anywhere I go. Juicy meat, lightly flavored, perfectly cooked – the long marination of the mutton shone through in this dish.

Mutton Sheekh Kabab

My only issue with the kababs here is the fact that they are served on a sizzler plate. They tend to overcook and go dry (specially when one is obsessed with photographing food before eating it!) So, dig in the moment the plate arrives!

The Mutton Rogan Josh is yet another magical mutton marvel here at Sheesha. The chef let us in to a secret method of cooking. The mutton is wrapped in layers of muslin while being slow cooked over a tandoor fire. The muslin cloth allows the flavors to soak through the mutton, while holding in the juices of the meat, leaving the meat moist and and delectable when opened. The stock that it is cooked in forms the base of this delicious curry.

Mutton Rogan Josh

For desserts, do give the Lahsoon ki Kheer a try. The mild flavor of garlic is an interesting twist on this classic dessert

Lahsoon Ki Kheer

An excellent addition to the slowly reviving Ishanya Mall, Sheesha is a welcome addition to the Pune food scene.

I was invited as part of blogger table. The Usual Disclaimer applies.

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White Owl Beers – Brewed and Bottled!


White Owl Beer is an extremely popular brand of craft beer, available On Tap at over 70 prominent restaurants and bars across Mumbai and Pune, with numerous establishments in the pipeline. White Owl Brewery will soon debut its two most popular craft beer styles in “Bottles” to cater to strong consumer demand in the retail market. The bottles will launch soon with ‘Diablo,’ a light Irish Red Ale, and ‘Spark,’ a citrusy Belgian Wit. #TheBTeam was invited to the uber-cool Raasta Cafe, Baner to try out these lovely brews.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-20 at 6.37.57 PM

Brewed in small batches under the leadership of a highly-experienced and internationally-trained brewing team and boasts crisp, complex flavors, distinct aromas, an alive, inviting appearance and smooth texture.

The Spark is a Belgium style wheat beer. Citrusy with mild orange undertones, it is a light-medium body beer. Perfect accompaniments include any medium spicy bites like chicken wings or pizza.

Diablo is a mild roast caramel Irish red ale. My personal favourite, the caramel after taste is absolutely lovely.

We also tried Ace – an apple cider, that is set to be an absolute crowd favorite. IMG_20170602_192345

White Owl Brewery’s current portfolio – in addition to Spark & Diablo – includes: Halcyon, a crisp German Hefeweizen; Shadow, a dark English Porter; Torpedo, a punchy American Pale Ale; Paulina, a refreshing German Kolsch; and Ace, a bubbly French Apple Cider.


Shout out to Raasta Cafe, Baner for hosting the event. The food presented was absolutely spectacular. Super chill vibes, great music, and brilliant food to boot – this is one of the best places to chill out in Baner.