The Usual Disclaimer

If you’ve been linked here, then you must have been reading a post for which this disclaimer applies. Here it is, in full:

  1. Baconbaba (and any guests, if applicable) were invited, free of charge, to the event/restaurant/function.
  2. Any commentary on service or the overall quality of the experience are strictly what I experienced at the event. There exists the very real possibility that my guests and myself were furnished with special treatment, whether materially or otherwise. Instances where I suspect that this has occurred will be noted in the post. Thus, do not take service comments with 100% confidence. With that said, service is usually never 100% consistent anyway.
  3. All comments on the quality of the food remain completely my own, irrespective of the event/restaurant/function and certainly irrespective of the treatment I received. There will be absolutely no sugarcoating, unless I feel that there is reasonable exception which deserves mentioning (e.g. the restaurant just opened and are experiencing from teething issues). Ultimately, I blog for my readers, not for the industry. Any reasonable establishment should be able to take constructive criticism, head on.
  4. Some posts may be on restaurant openings/launches. As such, these should not be treated in the same vein as a review of a regular restaurant visit. The logistics and service, often even the food, differs. Thus think of them as more a recount, rather than a review.

The condensed version:

I was invited to eat for free, but my comments remain completely honest and my own. Any treatment I receive may not be reflective of the experience of the average diner.